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Melissa Jarboe has accepted the Save A Warrior Challenge
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I have accepted the Save A Warrior Challenge from the Military Veteran Project to prevent Military Suicide through research & treatment!

Each day, 22 veterans lose their battle on American soil to suicide, that is 1 veteran every 65 minutes! I will be completing my challenge to raise funds for treatment and research for suicide prevention & I need your help to reach my goal! 

You can share on social media by facebooking, tweeting, instagraming or snapping away, you can challenge me to complete with you by creating your own fundraising page, challenge me to an exercise of your choice or make your tax deductible donation now here online or mail to the Military Veteran Project PO BOX 3926 Topeka, KS 66604 please put my name in the memo.

Even if you can't donate right now, why don't you accept the challenge and join us to Save A Warrior.

Please don't forget to share this on Facebook, twitter, instagram or email your friends. #SAVEAWARRIORCHALLENGE

 Let the Challenge begin!

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook each day as I continue my challenge and if you think you are up to it, JOIN me.  I am ready to be challenged!

Military Veteran Project is a 501(c)3 Charity Tax ID#46-0877378

Ready for a challenge? Here are eight legit alternatives:

1-Don't do the challenge, and make a direct donation instead! 

2-Get with your school. church, co-workers, family or friends & challenge one another.

3-Go for a Guinness Book World Record of most people to accept challenge and work out. Record is 3,247 people!

4-Take the challenge to the streets and challenge a stranger in push ups!

5-Take the Save A Warrior Challenge on the train, bus or airplane with follow passengers - Everyone loves Jumping jacks!

6-Next time you go out & run or walk - Challenge your friends on social media!

Use the imagination and come up with new exercises - Stand on your head like our Yogis!

Get creative! That's what gets you noticed!


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Save A Warrior Challenge
Fundraising Page

Every 65 minutes a veteran loses their battle on American soil to suicide.
Now YOU can do something about it by joining the #Saveawarriorchallenge 

Join hundreds of people around the world who are joining the #Saveawarriorchallenge to raise funds and help prevent military suicide through research & treatment!

Click BECOME A FUNDRAISER to the right and create a fundraising page for you & challenge your friends to see who can raise the most! 

How many friends can you get together to do 22 of one kind of exercise?
Challenge yourself to do 22 reps of an exercise!
Can you stand on your head for 22 seconds?
Calling all yogis! Hold a pose for 22 seconds then challenge away!

Joining the Save A Warrior Challenge has endless opportunities for YOU to do anything to bring attention to the 22 veterans a day that are losing their to suicide, then raising funds will help save a warrior.  Funds raised will go directly to research & treatment to prevent military suicide.

Will you accept the challenge to save a warrior?

Some of us have no idea what it's like to serve in the Military, or you have served and you know exactly what it is like to serve on foreign soil in war time.  You know what it is like to come home after war struggling with night terrors, survivors guilt, memory loss among other things. Those of us who haven't served do not have any idea about the true cost of freedom.
Our veterans return home from war unable to use the freedom they fought to protect on American soil. Every day, about 22 veterans lose their battle at home to post traumatic stress disorder.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple solutions like completing research, alternative treatments and diagnosing traumatic brain injuries that can help prevent military suicide.
You can start a  fundraising campaign to help Military Veteran Project fund these types of projects around the world, and look for anyone else who can help!
Please donate -- anything you can give is a huge help.
100% of the money will be used to fund research and treatment, and while the research is being done the Military Veteran Project, will keep us up to date by sharing stories of the veterans and families we helped.

Gather your friends, family or reach out to local businesses for support. Create unity in your community by honoring America's fallen  and raise funds for treatment & research for suicide prevention.
Sign up for Newsletter to get information about events around you, start an event in your community and visit the MVP Store to grab your gear!

Need more information visit the Save A Warrior Challenge website